Julia Gunther is a German photo artist who specialises in documentary projects. Her work explores themes of representation, gender, visual identity and social activism, specifically, the role of women in society. Her projects often consist of a mix of portraits and investigative images, with a strong focus of portraying her subjects as they would like to be seen.

Her photography has been exhibited in New York, London, Cape Town, South Korea, Sydney, Amsterdam and selected by exhibitions and festivals around the globe. Julia's work was selected for the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize Exhibition 2016 and has won awards at The New York Photo Festival’s The Last Picture Show 2015 and the Moscow International Foto Awards 2015.

Julia’s work has been featured in international publications such as the New York Times Magazine, TIME, The Independent, Marie Claire, Dazed and WIRED. From January 2016 to December 2017 she was also a regular blogger for The Huffington Post.


UNSEEN Amsterdam, Gallery Mirko Mayer, Amsterdam, NL, solo show
Month of Photography Los Angeles, USA, Projections, ‘The Black Mambas’
Gallery Mirko Mayer, Cologne, Germany, Photography in Space, ‘Fish For Sex’
Gallery Mirko Mayer, Cologne, Germany, Masterpieces & Personalities, ‘The Black Mambas’
IHLIA LGBTI Heritage, OBA, Amsterdam, NL, ‘Chedino’

Gallery Mirko Mayer, Cologne, Germany, Masterpieces & Personalities, ‘The Black Mambas’
IHLIA LGBTI Heritage, OBA, Amsterdam, NL, ‘Chedino’
Objectifs, Chapel Gallery, Singapore, Women in Photography 2018 Slideshow, 'The Black Mambas'
Gallery Mirko Mayer/ M-Projects, Cologne, Germany, 'Recent Works: Proud Women of Africa'
Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 2018, 'The Black Mambas' & 'Busie'
SANDESH: India’s First Photography Festival for Transgender Community, India, ‘Chedino’                

Festiphoto Menthon St Bernard, France, ‘The Black Mambas’
FC Barcelona Photo Awards, Barcelona, Spain, ‘Malawi Eleven’
Head On Photo Festival, Museum of Sydney, Australia, ‘Ruthy Goes to Church’
Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize Exhibition, The National Portrait Gallery, London; Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, Sunderland; The Beaney, Canterbury, UK, ‘The Black Mambas’

Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize Exhibition, The National Portrait Gallery, London, UK, ‘The Black Mambas’
FotoWeekDC, ‘Represent’ by Refinery29, Washington D.C., USA, ‘The Black Mambas’
Photoville 2016, ‘Represent’ by Refinery29, New York, USA, ‘The Black Mambas’
Head On Photo Festival, Museum of Sydney, Australia, ‘Rainbow Girls’

New York Photo Festival, The Last Picture Show, NY, USA & Seoul, South Korea, ‘Chedino & Family’
Photoville The Fence 2015, New York, Atlanta, Houston, USA, ‘Ruthy Goes to Church’
Wundermarket Amsterdam, NL, ‘Ruthy Goes to Church’                                                                          
Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 2015, 'Chedino'
IHLIA LGBTI Heritage, OBA, Amsterdam, NL, ‘Chedino & Family’
Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, ‘Chedino & Family’
GRID Cape Town Biennial 2015, SA, ‘Proud Women of Africa’

New York Photo Festival, Photoworld 2014, New York, USA, ‘Ruthy Goes to Church & Rainbow Girls’
Photoville 2014, ALIVE Dutch Photography, New York, USA, ‘Rainbow Girls’
IHILIA LGBTI Heritage, OBA, Amsterdam, NL, ‘Rainbow Girls’

Black Box Gallery, Portland, OR, USA, ‘Rainbow Girls’
Menier Gallery, London, UK, Life Framer Exhibition, ‘Maternity Ward’                                                
Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 2013, 'Ruthy Goes to Church'
W1F Gallery, Amsterdam, NL, ‘Rainbow Girls’

LhGWR Gallery, The Hague, NL, ‘Ruthy Goes to Church’
The Art of Photography Show, San Diego, USA, ‘Ruthy Goes to Church’
ARTWORKS, Glassworks, Amsterdam, NL, ‘Ruthy Goes to Church’
Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 2012, 'Roos'
Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Amsterdam, NL, ‘De Hard Rock Karoke’.


PDN Storyteller 2018: People, Winner
Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 2018, Finalist

Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017, Shortlisted
FC Barcelona Photo Awards 2016, Finalist
Head On Portrait Prize 2017, Finalist

Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2016, Finalist
Head On Portrait Prize 2016, Finalist
Moscow International Photo Awards 2016, Honorable Mention

New York Photo Festival presents The Last Picture Show 2015, Winner
Moscow International Photo Awards 2015, 2nd Place
Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 2015, Finalist

New York Photo Festival presents PhotoWorld 2014, Winner
Photolucida Critical Mass 2014, Finalist Top 200
Moscow International Photo Awards 2014, Honorable Mention

LensCulture Exposure Awards 2013, Winner
GUP New Dutch Photography Talent 2013
Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 2013, Finalist

New York Photo Awards 2012, Interim Winner
37th Anniversary International Professional Women Photographers, Winner
The Photographer’s Forum Magazine 2012, Best of Photography 2012
Kuala Lumpur International Photo Award 2012, Finalist


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